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A few shots of recent business card designs

cards_www2Thanks to Sarah Rossi Photography for the great portfolio images!




FROM THE ARCHIVE: Bravo’s War of the Wives

Show Open for TV Reality Series

Created with Bravo for a series that never quite made it to broadcast (this is the semi-final version of the video). We were commissioned to write, cast, direct, produce and post-produce the open for the show.


Also check out some of the alternate branding ideas we created for the show as well, in a previous post here.



Flash & HTML Website (we don’t do much Flash anymore)

BlueMapDesign.comBlueMap Design is an established NYC-based studio well known for their innovative redesign of Kodak’s line of cameras, their structural packaging expertise and attention to product detail. Their previous site was built in Flash using a method that was extremely difficult for them to update.

BlueMap approached us to create a new presence built upon lessons learned from their previous site. We addressed their needs with a complete overhaul that employed a slick, hybrid combination of Flash and HTML. They asked us to:

  • Redesign their site with their existing branding as a foundation;
  • Make the site easy to update;
  • Open up the site architecture by allowing users to link to individual pages and use their browser’s “Back” button;
  • Use Flash in a subtle way, and only to enhance the feeling of elegance while simultaneously maintaining their ability to update the site on their own.

Visit the Website >>

NEWS: Preview of LuvGLO postcards

We’ve been super excited to be working with Habitat For Hope on their amazing events, all of which benefit the families of seriously ill children. Their upcoming LuvGLO 5k is the first in line, and here’s a quick preview of what’s to follow. More stuff, in the way of postcards, posters, billboard, etc., is on its way!


FROM THE ARCHIVE: Russell Simmons’ (third version)

HTML Website (now offline)

Rushcard.comThis is the third version we created for the RushCard site, the online home for Russell Simmons’ Rush Communications credit branch. The website is all about being smart and direct, and speaking to three main audience silos, in order to:

  • Allow for quick & easy sign up for new customers;
  • Serve as a window for existing customers;
  • Function as a comprehensive online information reservoir for those just wanting to find out more about the card.

Previous versions of the RushCard site have utilized Flash navigation and spot Flash elements, but it was abandoned this time in favor of simplicity.

With each successive version of this site (we have designed them all), RushCard reacts dynamically to their customers’ needs and requests. Their customer base has increased exponentially since we started several years ago, and its reach is poised to extend globally.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Wacked-out Website for The Electric Company!

Super-fun Sesame Workshop Website

The Electric Company website: CLICK TO VIEW THE ARCHIVED VERSIONWhile no one really does Flash websites anymore, this is a fun oldie-but-goodie from many years back…

This is a Flash-based site that’s as much about having fun and being a little goofy as it as about promoting the product. It’s got a retro look and feel, which is very much in keeping with the spirit of the show.

The Sesame Workshop recently released The Electric Company for the first time on DVD and needed an online presence to promote the product, which we produced in conjunction with Funny Garbage.

The timeline was short, but there was plenty of source material to work with. The goals were to:

  • Create a site which was fun to use and in line with the tone of the original show;
  • Allow users to access vintage audio and video clips, in order to preview DVD content;
  • Give customers a way to purchase the DVDs online.

Visit the Archived Website >>
(** please note the bottom 4 buttons are disabled in this archived version)

FROM THE ARCHIVE: A fun Fantasy Football game, Facebook App edition!

Facebook Game (now offline)

Beat My Score : Facebook fantasy footballThis fantasy football application for Facebook allows users to create their own team lineup, challenge their friends to beat their score, view live scores and review player stats. With minimal changes required, it was built to interface with RosterDoc’s existing online backend which has been used for other fantasy matchups in previous years.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: A couple of iOS Games we designed & built

Children’s iPhone Games

MonsterABC iPhone app
An educational children’s game for the iPhone. The original version was an old Flash-based custom desktop game we built, which you can check out here.

Illustrations by Clint Baker.

For the initial launch, there were two paths:

  • “Words”, which challenges the user to find the missing letter in a word;
  • “Letters”, which allows the user to explore the alphabet with fun illustrations for each letter.

View the Application in the App Store >>

Pauline InvestigatesThe multi-language children’s book Pauline Investigates On The Farm (originally in French) debuts on the iPhone, as a free English download. Currently the original French is a $0.99 upgrade, with other languages to follow.

Highlights include a follow-along audio-to-text interface, as well as hidden animal sounds.

It’s fun for all ages! (Assuming those ages are under, say, 7…Or you happen to be the parent of one of those ages.)

NEWS: We’re nominated for a 2014 Art Directors Guild Award! (UPDATED)

The 67th Annual Tony Awards are up for an Award for Excellence In Production Design In Television! You can read more on the Art Directors Guild site, here.

UPDATE: We won! We’re absolutely honored to have worked with Steve Bass, Seth Easter, Sarah Rossi, Dan Baker & Dallas Raleigh on this amazing and ongoing project! Details on the ADG site.

Tony Awards 2013 : open

It’s always great working with Production Designer Steve Bass and Art Director Seth Easter on the Tonys… And it’s fantastic to get so much professional recognition from peers following the madness that is the production schedule!

NEWS: Single-page responsive website launch

We just launched a shiny new single-page responsive WordPress-based site for Allen/Cooper Enterprises, an exciting new communications/exhibitions/event management company headquartered in NYC. Congratulations Meryl & Helen & co! : single-page responsive WordPress-based site for Allen/Cooper Enterprises, an exciting new communications/exhibitions/event management company headquartered in NYC