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The 69th Annual Tony Awards (aired June 7, 2015) : Virtual Set creation for live television broadcast

This was the 5th year in a row that my team & I were tasked with creating digital/virtual sets for all of the performances on the Tony Awards. We begin by attending the nominated shows and then photographing the physical scenery in each Broadway theater. Then we carefully cut them up according to a plan that we develop based on how they need to work, and then animate them using Photoshop, After Effects, SketchUp, etc. Finally, we reassemble and meticulously program their behavior in a Hippotizer media server. The resulting video-based sets fool the viewer’s eye into believing that the actors are performing in front of actual physical scenery, when in fact everything is being fed directly into a series of humongous LED screens that span 50 x 23 feet.

We have about 4-5 weeks to do all this, so it gets a bit hectic. But once it’s all done, it’s alot of fun to sit back and watch it work on live TV.

  • Control Screens
  • Sarah Rossi & Brandon Bell at Radio City
  • The Visit rehearsal @ Radio City
  • Gigi Rehearsals @ Radio City
  • Something Rotten! Rehearsals @ Radio City
  • Rehearsals @ Radio City
  • Rehearsals @ Radio City
  • Rehearsals at Radio City
  • Tony Awards 2015: back side of one of the huge LED screens
  • On The Town Rehearsals @ Radio City
  • On The 20th Century Rehearsals @ Radio City
  • The King & I Rehearsals @ Radio City
  • Tony Awards 2015: Rehearsals @ Radio City
  • Finding Neverland Rehearsals @ Radio City
  • Finding Neverland: Rehearsals @ Radio City
  • Setting up LED screens at Radio City
  • Tony Awards 2015: Setting up LED screens at Radio City
  • Tony Awards 2015: Setting up LED screens at Radio City
  • View of the stage ceiling at Radio City
  • Radio City Music Hall, all empty (well, mostly)
  • Break from the Tonys: Village Vanguard
  • Programming the screens at the shop
  • Temporary desk at Radio City
  • Tony Awards 2015: photographing Wolf Hall, Parts I & II
  • Tony Awards 2015: photographing Wolf Hall, Parts I & II
  • Tony Awards 2015: Playbills
  • Tony Awards 2015: Gigi show curtain
  • Tony Awards 2015: photographing Hand To God
  • Tony Awards 2015: photographing Hand To God
  • Tony Awards 2015: photographing Gigi
  • Tony Awards 2015: photographing Hand To God
  • Tony Awards 2015: photographing On The Town
  • On The Town show curtain
  • About to watch a performance of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time
  • About to watch a show!
  • Lunchtime break at Grand Central Oyster Bar
  • About to watch a performance of Fun Home (best musical!)
  • Photographing a show (Sarah Rossi setting up)
  • Photographing On The 20th Century
  • Photographing On the 20th Century (Dallas Raleigh setting up)
  • Tony Awards 2015: Photographing On the 20th Century
  • Photographing The Visit
  • Backstage at The King & I, Lincoln Center
  • Photographing The King & I, Lincoln Center
  • Photographing The King & I, Lincoln Center
  • Photographing The King & I, Lincoln Center
  • Town Hall ceiling (scouting)
  • Town Hall (scouting)
  • Town Hall (scouting)
  • About to watch The Visit
  • Something Rotten! show curtain
  • The St. James Theater
  • Subway stop by Lincoln Center
  • Lincoln Center, before watching a performance of The King & I

Logo design explorations

lucys-hope_logo-r1.2v3Some logo exploration designs for the merger of 2 children’s charities.

The logo for one of the charities being merged included a leaf, and the other had a ladybug–these attempted to combine the 2 into a single mark. Luckily, the two go together well!

The budget was small & we needed to knock them out quickly, so I used some stock pieces as a starting point and went from there.


New responsive website launch for Nashville startup Rabble.TV

I recently worked with a really cool Nashville-based client to create a completely new website design and responsively-coded templates for their startup Rabble.TV.

The website gives users the ability to create and/or listen to alternative audio streams to television broadcasts. So if you happen to be, for instance, a rabid sports fan who hates his/her team’s commentator (apparently there’s alot of that out there), you can simply mute your TV during the game and listen to your personally-selected announcer of choice.

It was a fun one!




We started out with several different ideas and design concepts, all based around the goals of trying to clarify what Rabble does and efficiently organizing the large amounts of lists that get automatically generated in response to user input.

And here’s an alternate visual direction we considered during the early stages of the design process:


Tony Awards : 5th Time’s a Charm!


Well it’s official…my small team and I will be taking on the virtual sets for the upcoming Tony Awards again this year.

Just 4 weeks from now the nominees will be announced & we’ll begin a fast-paced string of theater photo shoots, followed by a hectic schedule of digital manipulation & content layering, little sleep, frantic server programming sessions & performance rehearsals which call for last-minute changes…all culminating in an always-entertaining night of theater broadcast on the television box as it happens at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall.

Oh yeah, and a REALLY cool after party.

New website just launched for Me & Mrs Jones

Sarah Rossi Photography and I collaborated on a new website for Memphis-based Me & Mrs. Jones, and we just launched the result. We’re really pleased with it!

For the past couple of months we’ve worked with Stephanie Jones to totally revamp her previous site, which was outdated and built with Flash…and so completely inaccessible to mobile devices, as well as being difficult to update.

The new website is responsive, mobile-friendly and super easy for the client to update. It also allows users to sign up and pay online for workshops and classes, and for the client to schedule special events and promotions ahead of time.



New logo & website launched for Beale Street Studios

I recently worked with Memphis-based creative/production company Beale Street Studios to completely update their logo system…and from there to create a modern, fresh & mobile-friendly portfolio websiteto show off their work.

The site is easy to update and built on WordPress, and the logo system below includes some few designs that weren’t selected for the final product.

Beale Street Studios - logo design

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Live Interactive Motion Graphics 2009, 2010 & 2011

Live Interactive Motion Graphics 2009, 2010 & 2011

Robin Hood Foundation : Live Interactive Motion Graphics
Robin Hood Foundation : Live Interactive Motion GraphicsFor 3 consecutive years I implemented custom live solutions for this incredible charity event.

In partnership with Brian Oakes Design and Robin Hood, this series of applications was created for the Robin Hood Foundation’s Gala charity extravaganza, held at NYC’s Javits Center.

The challenge was to develop remotely-controlled motion graphics that could display live event information on a series of 20-foot projection screens. As attendees donated their money and/or time, the results were displayed on demand through these custom apps.

More info on the first event >>

Our new office in the news

The office/studio that I share with Sarah Rossi Photography in Midtown Memphis’ Cooper Young is getting some really nice press, thanks to the press release written by Bart Shannon at Beale Street Studios.


Check out the (really flattering!) story at Choose901:



…and another one in the Memphis Business Journal:


Video editing & animation for Acacia TV promo spot

More motion graphics and video editing… we just wrapped this one up yesterday:


A small but fun-to-work-on video for Acacia TV, in collaboration again with my buddies at Baker+Hill.

NEWS!: Just launched the new version of


Customized responsive WordPress site for renowned product designers BlueMap

I’m happy to announce the launch of the brand new, 2nd version of, a modernization and complete redesign since the first version we produced together 10 years ago. In the coming week or two we’ll be fleshing it out a bit more, but this simplified version was launched to coincide with CES 2015 and the unveiling of the BlueMap-designed TYPO2 keyboards for the iPhone 6 and iPad Air.

Some ongoing logo exploration for a longtime client/partner

I’m currently working on a new logo for these guys. Can’t use them all for the final one so inevitably some of the ones you like fall to the wayside…

Beale Street Studios - logo design development

A few photos from the Rock & Soul Museums’ 2014 ceremony

I’m honored to have created the video presentations for the 2014 inductees of the Memphis Music Hall Of Fame. Just like last year, it was a bit hectic…but in the end it was all worth it.

The post-Alex Chilton incarnation of Big Star, performing in front of graphics I created for the event:
Big Star

The incredible Sam Moore of Stax Records’ Sam & Dave, who dampened every eye in the house when he coaxed the legendary Ann Peebles into singing along with her husband, Hi Records’ Don Bryant:
Sam Moore of Stax and Sam & Dave

….and B.J. Friggin’ Thomas!
B.J. Thomas!

And an amazing performance by Stax Records’ William Bell and rapper Al Kapone:
William Bell of Stax Records & Al Kapone

Motion graphics for upcoming documentary feature

A creative motion graphics concept for an upcoming documentary feature, along with some additional alternate graphic looks. This has been a fun one to work on!

Some alternate graphic looks, to establish look & feel for the film…

Ruled paper:

Carved into a school desk:


Graph paper:

And finally…crumpled paper:

FROM THE ARCHIVE: music video for Willie Heath Neal

Music video I created for Chicken Ranch Records from DIY footage of the band. Decidedly low-fi, in keeping with the rawness of both musical style & source video.

A smattering of recent work, from motion to interactive to print

A collection of recent work. Some of these show concept work that wasn’t used in the final project, some are ongoing, and some are just sleeping for the moment.

Represented below are an upcoming documentary feature, an indie movie short, a couple of websites ( and and screen graphics for ESPN.

  • Motion graphics for upcoming documentary feature
  • ESPN set graphics (motion graphics)
  • ESPN set graphics (motion graphics)
  • ESPN set graphics (motion graphics)
  • ESPN set graphics (motion graphics)
  • ESPN set graphics (motion graphics)
  • ESPN set graphics (motion graphics)
  • Concept for movie poster/DVD cover
  • Concept for indie movie poster
  • Concept for indie movie poster
  • Concept for indie movie poster
  • Concept for indie movie poster
  • Website concept
  • Website concept
  • Website concept
  • website design (ongoing)
  • website design (ongoing)